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and a pedestrian. north 680 at south mission we have first reports of an injury accident in the left. the san mateo bridge, we have dense fog at advisory at the dumbarton bridge, and the brake lights are headed westbound with slow traffic on the flat section of the san mateo bridge, golden gate, not is much with fog, just light traffic. kristen and eric? >> thank you. happening now a san francisco woman is in critical condition with burns to her face after family members say her boyfriend doused her with gasoline and set her on fire. police are searching for the boyfriend, 22-year-old dexter oliver. they were at a laundromat and got in a heated argument. the victim's sister say he came home, poured gasoline in a bottle and headed back to the laundromat. amy will have an update from the hospital in 30 minutes. >> two suspects in the murder of two teen girls in oakland are due in court. the 18-year-old powell faces two counts of murder and possibly the death penalty. and another is charged with accessory. the victims were best friend. the 15-year-old and 16-year-old were found shot several times in e
5:30 this afternoon the mother said that her daughter was missing. home owners in one san mateo neighborhood are cheering the city council for voting to close down a 7-11 that was in violation of zoning laws. kron four's jeff bush explains why people were upset and how the store opened in the first place. >> reporter: it's not every day that a 7-11 store is the center of controversy but that's the case with this store in san mateo at the corner of san mateo drive and bellvue. they have been operating for about a month in this neighborhood but residents in this area complained to the city and said this store is operating illegally and outside the city's zoning laws. >> peter breining , san mateo heights neighborhood assn: there was no determination that this was ever legal by the city, yet, here we are so, there is some process at the city that we don't know about. a building permit was issued to convert the old stangallini's deli into this 7-11 but that doesn't confer legality on the property and that is the issue. neighbors say whoever issued the building permit should have st
(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>> san mateo county's chief probation officer has voluntarily stepped down from his post. after being accused of possessing child pornography. it's happening less than two weeks after he was put on paid administrative leave. kron four's philippe djegal joins us now with the latest. philippe. >> reporter: catherine new at 11. today, i briefly spoke with stuart forrest over the phone. he declined to comment on this story. however, this much we know. stuart is the focus of a federal criminal investigation. a san mateo county official tells me that forrest is under investigation on suspicion of possessing child pornography. the u-s postal inspectors service is the lead investigating agency. but other than that. neither the postal service or the department of justice are providing many details on this case. a san mateo county spokesperson says. through a family member. stuart forrest turned in papers on monday announcing his retirement. effective immediately. forrest is 61-years old. several years shy of full
. back to highway 280 in san mateo mountain area beyond 92. what is going on earlier, two cars hit a deer beyond 92, chp is trying to clear the accident so they have temporarily shut down all lanes and you are diverted to highway 92 to 101. traffic is backing up in the area. south 280 is diverted at highway 92 to clear the serious accident. and the overcrossing above 280 there is a four car accident there that is in the clearing stages and the bay bridge toll plaza still a minor delay for cash paying folks with no metering lights and no problems and that will remain for the rest of the commute on the upper deck into san francisco. >> 6:02 and now the bay area at the first reported death from this year's flu. the victim was a 98-year-old woman. health officials have not released her name but she suffered from other chronic illnesses. a vaccine clinic will get underway in fremont and we will find abc7 news reporter who joins us live. >> i am told more than 125 people came here to washington hospital in fremont for yesterday's clinic and the hospital is expecting a big turnout this morning a
. >> really will be thank you larry. >> all right. moving on. san mateo owners of convenience store have just lost a fight to keep their new business open. neighbors fighting to shut it down. it's a 7-eleven store located at north san mateo drive and east bell view avenu avenue. allen is live in san mateo where the city council has been decide what to do tonight. allen. >> that decision or all started after a city attorney reversed the decision of the previous city attorney and gave 7-11 the right to operate in that neighborhood. now the city has voted unanimously to revoke 7-11 permit and ultimately go head to head with that corporate giant in a legal battle. >> i love it. it's quite convenient. a lot of the little stores we have around here are closed by 8:00 o'clock in the evening. >>reporter: despite approval of some, organized group of san mateo neighbor say this 7-eleven store was ill legally allowed to move into a former deli at the corner of north san mateo dry and east bell view avenue. >> it's a quiet sleepy also neighborhood. look at the fol folks across the street. ap
cleared. south 101 out of novato, 20 minutes to macarthur maze. >> we will look at the san mateo bridge, getting bunched up here and hazy, with limited visibility on the san mateo bridge moving from the east bay toward the peninsula. >> at 6:01. are you practicing "let's go 49ers." we are a week away from their sixth super bowl appearance. in san francisco, officials want to make sure the fans are not out of control. we are joined outside city hall with more on the security preparations underway. >> everything from buses to bother cans, part of the super bowl security playbook. this is not city hall behind me but you love the red and gold decking out sick center auditorium. police will be out in force for super bowl sunday, the mayor says he doesn't want any instant replays of the giants celebration. >> fans were rowdy and pumped after the championship win on sunday and peaceful and nonviolent unlike the mayhem that marred the giants victory last fall when cars were overturned and bonfires lit and a muni bus smashed. the mayor will visit local sports bars suggesting they serve so
, in san mateo county by skyline boulevard, highway 92 making your way to half moon bay patches of black ice are reported so slower speed and extra caution. to mountain view reports of a bus stalled in the left lane. north 680, an accident on the shoulder. moving northbound we can see the day bridge plaza, in official metering lights on but you will find delays for cash-paying folks. otherwise your car pool and fast track lanes are moving nicely. >> new this morning, a just-released report says san francisco muni overtime costs are over budget, and abc7 news reporter joins us live from the station with an employee who took an unbelievable amount in overtime. >> that is right. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that mull -- multiple muni employees made mother than $100,000 in overtime. the average worker, working 40 hours a week works about 2,000 hour as year. some clocked in 4,000 hours in a year. one mechanic made an extra $164,000 for clocking in 2,000 hours of overtime. the chief says the mechanic was paid for overnight work, on a new train control system when trains did not r
at a return to the backups. the san mateo bridge is backed up free and the ride around the bay it looks good. a quick check commute shows light traffic for the south bay peninsula and north bay. we're picking up fog of the san mateo bridge and there is a eight fog abies refer the dumbarton bridge. it is already heavy for the all to my and i wait for their antioch. >> news story for you this morning assembly, nancy skinner is announcing legislation today to regulate ammunition sales and ban high-capacity magazines and california. will tran is live in oakland with this and he says it is far too easy to get their hands on as ammunition. >> that's right she says it is too easy and it is more difficult to get cold medicine. they will ask for your identification and take down your information. she says for gun sales, that is just not there and it is not right. we are in for the oakland police apartment because obviously they have been fighting crime for a long time. they have done buybacks and deals going on. this definitely pertains to oakland and that is why oakland's mayor will be at the news c
. >> so was san francisco's bordered upon at the time, or did that happen later? >> san mateo county did not exist when they originally chartered it. i think there were 16 counties, and a few years later, they said they were too large, so they doubled back and created san mateo county. >> this is an early map of an area that might have been known as san francisco, but it did not have a defined southern boundary yet. >> the city i believe was up larkin street, and everything west was counties. i think larkin was here. that is the original charter. then in 1850, van ness, who was the supervisor, did the addition. it was called the western addition, even though it was in the middle of the city, because it was west of larkin. >> i did not understand that when i was a child. it always seemed that it was east of where everything i knew was. >> all this down here was county of san francisco, so there was a point in time where you could be in the county of san francisco, but not in the city you live in these outside lands. >> lead problem is if you look at the orientation, no. is up. we are goin
condado de san mateo, realizara un evento donde se podran canjear armas de fuego por dinero en efectivo. ---se estaran ofreciendo 100 dolares por cada pistola, escopetas o rifles y hasta 200 dolares por un arma estilo militar. take fs ---el evento sera de 10 de la maÑana a 2 de la tarde en el centro de eventos del condado de san mateo, ubicado al sur de la calle "delaware", numero 24-95, en san mateo. blanca ---despues de un periodo de gracia de 3 semanas durante el cual solo se giraron advertencias... take vo ....a partir de este proximo domingo, el departamento de estacionamien tos de la ciudad de san francisco comenzaran a girar multas a personas que no paguen al estacionarse en sitios con parquimetros. ---entre las 12 del mediodia y las 6 de la tarde, el parquimetro debera ser alimentado o de lo contrario, el conductor enfrenta una multa de 72 dolares en el centro y 62 dolares en el resto de la ciudad. ---el tiempo que puede quedarse en cada parquimetro varia de la parte de la ciudad en la que se estacione. cu tiempo de la primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48 pero al volver... t
which expired in 2004. >> in san mateo tomorrow a part it will hold an anonymous gun buyback of it. anyone can give up their weapons, no questions asked, and receive up to 100 cash for a handgun, shotgun or rifle. to a of a schedule be given for the assault weapon. is having tomorrow at the san miguel county bid from 10:00 until 2:00 p.m.. >> of 49er 10 days away from the superbowl here is video of the team practicing and chatting with colin kaepernick no. 7 quarterback. he livened things up for those in the media, the board at least 15 pieces for reporters. a president yesterday was the little taste of what will be like in lawrence. and when it comes to the apple name, kaepernick says he respects the ravens and their star linebacker ray lewis. kaepernick says he also got some great advice from former 49ers grades like joe montana and steve young. >> will hear what kaepernick has to say and what gary rabin thinks about it in the next 45 minutes. let us the route for that--gary radnich . we want you to sene you're neither pride. we have received thousands of photographs, and love to
conditions on the san mateo bridges. those taillights headed on the flantd flatd section in the san mateo area, to san jose, northbound direction, this is julian exit to give you an idea where we are. few headlights passing through your screen. hayward area, reports of a water main break. this is eastbound jackson street surface streets between 880 and end of a portion 92 in hayward. there is a flooding during the water main break. you want to avoid that area until they get that capped out. if you are heading out. 580 and over the altamont is looking good. highway 4 westbound and 80 westbound into the macarthur maze just under 20 minutes. >>> it's 4:39. >> a bay area community comes together to take a stand against a brutal rape of a young woman. how people are pushing for stronger laws to protect women. >> and the warning going on outer for all bay area beachgoers after a walk in the beach ends in tragedy. >> in today's tech bytes, apple's next big thing, an announcement this spring for an iphone 6. developers are seeing markers being iced. there are problems with operating system, it ca
identify thieves. >> today the san mateo city council will hear both sides on whether a new 7/11 store should be ahowed to stay open on north san mateo drive which was vacant for two years. some fear this will increase crime. they protested before the star opened claiming it violates local zoning laws. the area is zoned for housing although a mom-and-pop italian deli occupied the site under a special exemption. >> it is almost 4:36. san jose firefighters are trying to determine the cause of a fire that forced a family from their home. firefighters got the call yesterday afternoon. by the time they got there, all six people in the two-story house including the family dog got out safely. flames gutted the home. officials think it started on the wood shingle roof. crews stayed to guard against the flareups. >> investigators are trying to find the cause of a fire in mountain view that destroyed a mobile home. nothing seems suspicious. firefighters arrived yesterday morning to find the home fully engulfed. the man was out safely and firefighters managed to put out the flames before it could
is a serious crime with fines up to $11,000. >> san mateo is looking into the cover over noisy leaf blowing machines. city council members getting an education before making a decision. live from san mateo central park to explain. >> here is a number i found amazing. a city official i talked with said there are nearly 400 landscaping and guardening businesses in san mateo why there are people back there beyond childrens playground yes, they're noisey. yes, there are concerns. but lance escapers say they get the job done efficiently. >> we went back to the rake and broom it would take us much longer. our bottom line would be a lot more, we'd have to kmarj more. >> that could become reality. the city considering three options, banning all leaf blowers arc loug those with noise levels and saturday, 9 to 4:00. the prospect of a total ban that worries landscapers and says that would kill his business. >> hopefully, you know they'll listen to the homeowners and business owners. and take, you know, this into consideration. and hopefully, figure out a plan working for everybody. >> before a decisio
morning, you understand the city of san mateo and why they are considering a ban on gas and electric powered machines. >> it is not just the noise pollution the city is concern about. our reporter has the story. >> that is the noise that is driving many residents to support a ban on leaf blowers. >> a waste of energy, of gasoline, and the smell of the engine is what bothers me. >> do you favor a ban? >> i would. >> no. if they had a solution if leafs, may. >> the device convinced -- this divisive issue has had the city council review different leaf blowers and there was a demonstration. >> i am leaning to a full ban but i wanted to gather more information. >> the city mayor says the issue began as one of noise. then questions arose regarding the health effects on workers and anyone in range. that bothers a council member. >> breathing in what is being blown out whether it is fungus or bacteria. >> she supports a ban but some worry about the effect on business according to the landscape business. the financial impact for the business has to be considered. >> it is calculated to be two
, san mateo, palo alto, at 56. san jose and morgan hill and concord at 57. we santa rosa and napa and oakland at 59 degrees. around the state today, it will be easy most areas less than scattered showers to the north and a few lingers showers in the south and low 60's in los angeles, and mid-to-upper fists through the tahoe area. >> incredible escape for a motorcycle rider. >> look at that, a surveillance video captured a big rig entering an intersection and overturning just as the motorcycle rider stopped he jumped off the bicycle and narrowly missed getting crushed. no one was hurt. he is 509 look. no word on what caused the big rig to overturn. this area's x games wrapped up in colorado but now withdrew a care a runaway snow mobile crashed into the crowd. it happened last night, australian jackson was attempting a back flip on a snowmobile but he lost control and the snowmobile smashed into the nearby crowd. you can see it right there. a spectator was hit and had to go to the hospital but the injuries are not serious. >> the screen actors guild handed out the awards which are u
is bay bridge to san francisco under 20 minutes and the san mateo bridge is looking good at 13 minutes. that is typical from hayward to foster city. kristen and eric? >> new this morning, the heat was too much to handle for tennis fans watching the australian open. several people watching the double match passed out in the stands today in melbourne. they had to be escorted out. the temperature reached well over triple digits topping out at at 106 degrees. >> smartphone cameras are getting...smarter. we are ahead with features making it nearly impossible to take a bad picture. >> a bucket head bandit. a mistake that landed this accused criminal behind >> cupertino, concord, wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, here is a look at jet stream or the storm track going well to the north and well-off to the east of us but now moisture is trying to come up from the south keeping our lows up a little bit and bring more fog in the forecast so something we will watch as we head into the weekend. still frosty in many areas especially inland and mid-50's at lunch time bu
the bay bridge is if that is the destination and the san mateo bridge, with the toll plaza on the flat section up and over the incline to the high-rise and to foster city moving nicely westbound. from san rafael, and the marin ymca it is looking good. we have a problem with black ice on highway 92 to half moon bay and the coast, take extra caution there. kristen and eric? >> thank you, at 5:10. >> the buildup before the oscars. the big winners and very unexpected coming out at the golden globe. >> they has been away from "good morning america" for four months but this morning, robin roberts returns for a special announcement. >> but, first, america's >> welcome back at 5:13, a member of the abc news family is making our return soon on you can hear the good news straight from robin roberts herself, 138 days after undergoing a bone marrow transplant she is back in new york and ready to return to the area. doctors say they don't see any abnormality in tests from the battle with mds. use what this means is the doctors are waiting for the information to be able to tell me i can begin the pr
is there in earnest. do not speed up too much. san mateo bridge is looking good with eastbound direction headlights headed to hayward and westbound to foster city everyone is at the limit. the golden gate bridge shows everything light from marin county off the waldo and fog free and four lanes southbound. kristen and eric? >> you can get a flu shot today at a public clinic as california officials confirm the first death if the bay area from the flu this season. our reporter is live in fremont. there has been a rush to get vaccinated? >> yes, good morning to you. washington hospital in fremont held a clinic yesterday and is holding day two today to meet the high demand of the flu deaths. a 98-year-old woman died from the flu but she had chronic conditions and statewide four have died from the flu outbreak. the centers for disease control report that the vaccine, though, is reducing the risk of having to go to the negotiate for the flu by 60 percent. doctors remind patients who are parents not to forget themselves. a mother we spoke with is being proactive. >> i had an appointment later but i decidee
network. fast tonight to go watch. >> really will be thank you larry. >> all right. moving on. san mateo owners of convenience store have just lost a fight to keep their new business open. neighbors fighting to shut it down. it's a 7-eleven store located at north san mateo drive and east bell view avenu avenue. allen is live in san mateo where the city council has been decide what to do tonight. allen. >> that decision or all started after a city attorney reversed the decision of the previous city attorney and gave 7-11 the right to operate in that neighborhood. now the city has voted unanimously to revoke 7-11 permit and ultimately go head to head with that corporate giant in a legal battle. >> i love it. it's quite convenient. a lot of the little stores we have around here are closed by 8:00 o'clock in the evening. >>reporter: despite approval of some, organized group of san mateo neighbor say this 7-eleven store was ill legally allowed to move into a former deli at the corner of north san mateo dry and east bell view avenue. >> it's a quiet sleepy also neighborhood. look at th
the morning commute is looking good on the san mateo. all that and more minutes ahead, now let's go back to the desk. >>> a manhunt in oakland for two suspects who shot and wounded a police officer. s.w.a.t. teams are on the scene where the shooting happened shortly before 6:30. ktvu channel 2 morning news alex savage is at the scene and tells us what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: these men apparently confronted an undercover police officer and one of them opened fire on that officer. they continue to search for those two other armed men who escaped and as you can see the neighborhood remains closed. the s.w.a.t. team is out here still but we do get the since the search is winding down in this area. crime scene technicians right now are collecting evidence, taking photos of this scene where last night's shooting took place. the situation began when an undercover officer was shot and wounded during a stake out operation. throughout the night officers had guns drawn, doing a thorough search for those two wanted men. four square blocks do remain locked down and right away police were
day and night. >> san mateo county plans to hold its first gun buyback program of the year. the gun buyback aims to momentarily reward the voluntary surrender of firearms in an attempt at reducing gun violence. the gun buyback program will offer gun owners cast for fire arms, a hundred dollars for handguns, shotguns and rifles and up to $200 cast four assault weapons. the anonymous program will take place from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on saturday at the san mateo county events center fair grounds. >> their rally continues a are on wall street the dow closing at 67 points yesterday and the dow hitting another five-year high. sitting at 13,779 stocks rallied after strong quarterly earnings reports from ibm and google. watch the ball after disappointing quarterly earnings report the most valuable company in the world reporting better than expected earnings but disappointing revenue and iphone sales and the clock and the stock is tanking. in overnight trading down almost 10 percent over $40 looks like apple's stock opened almost 240 lower the all-time high of 705 that the stock hit in septe
the san mateo bridge chp has issued a fog advisory for the bridge. we are tracking the fog this morning and we will check and with erica who has the morning conditions. >> we certainly have the fog for the and land and areas. as we head into the afternoon, sunny and warmer conditions. we're talking five to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. it will be dry and we will see a whole lot of sunshine. later on in the evening, partly sunny skies with the winds and the forecast. we are at freezing in vallejo, 31 out the door and fairfield. a look a year after and hides in the next chance for rain and my next report. >> traffic is backed this morning and there is a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. 18 to 20 minutes now. there could be a hot spot on 280. too plausibly 3 lane is blocked in the southbound direction. traffic is starting to slow coming from woodside road in redwood city. >> the severance of go 49ers are gearing up for a big match up this weekend as the host the green bay packers. tickets go on sale today, later on this morning. jackie sissel is on those same. >> good mor
outside from the san mateo bridge. we are seeing cold temperatures and more on the way. there are some reports of rain in some parts of the bay area as predicted. erica does a good job with the forecast. let us that the weather and what we expect for the day. >> good morning erica. >> good morning james. >> here is a look at where it is currently raining. we want to see where it is currently falling. you will notice the light green out of south city is crossing the bay heading into oakland and alameda. light rain currently on the western end of the san mateo bridge. around 101, 92 interchange drive with extra caution. this is a light rain. it is heavier around half moon bay. along the coast to see the area of yellow it looks like rain is falling at about a 10th of an inch per hour. >> a lot of moisture has pushed south light rain around san jose mineta airport and los gatos. also sitting in the santa cruz mountains. >> we will see clear skies a lot of cold air sticks around to the afternoon. it is cooler this morning. santa rosa running about 10 to 11 of degrees cooler than 24 hours ag
for santa rosa. 37 in vallejo. 37 in napa. mid '40's and oakland. 45 in san mateo. >> taking a look at the wind speeds we have strong winds of 18 mi. per hour along the coastal waters. national weather service did talk about the slight chance less than a 10 percent chance to see light rain over the coastal waters. i do not think it will be a possibility. any rain we see their original plan will be very light. >> into the afternoon expect mostly sunny skies and dry conditions in clear conditions. >> we will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday. fairfield at 57. 59 and hayward. lows 60s and oakland. 58 for downtown san francisco. >> satellite and radar shows high pressure in control. we are clear and dry. we will remain dry as we head into the next several days. >> off looking at the extended forecast clear conditions and son sunshine. by thursday mid to upper 60s. >> those around the heart of the vacancy low seventies for house south bay spots. inland lows will not be too bad--those are around the heart of the south bay. >> a very nice looking forecast coming up. those of you headi
it is looking good, on the other side same thing goes and no trouble getting onto the bay bridge. san mateo bridge looks good as you drive out to the high-rise, let's go back to the desk. >> our coverage of the inauguration continues as president barack obama will attend the national prayer service as he begins his second term in office. kyla campbell is -- tori campbell is in washington d.c., are things quiet there? >> yes, things are calming down after a lot going on over the last couple of days. the first lady appeared at the commander and chief's ball and the president gave a special greeting. >> it is because of you with honor we were able to end the war in iraq and because of you we were able to end justice to osama bin laden. [applauds] [applauds] >> and of course there was a lot of attention given to the first lady's dress and it was designed once again by jason wow and she has been wearing a lot of somber dark colors and it was a surprise to see her coming out in a bright red. >> and garage was flying and crews had their work cut out for them. there is a garbage can behind my now.
for the assault weapon. it is happening tomorrow at the san mateo county but said there from 10:00 until 2:00 p.m.. it has been two years since tahrir square was at the center of our revolution for egypt. today, protesters are back in the spotlight. federal investigators are on board the dreamliner investigation. information on the problem they are trying to solve. get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ♪ time tmeo jumpjun nto soo methinthnew ne ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the t best esrt ortwakiwa u ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ is ifolgerlgin yinr cur ♪ ♪♪ ♪ >> welcome back and we have new video coming out of egypt right now. this is cairo anterior square. -- tahrir square protesters are marking the second anniversary of the revolution that ousted president hosni mubarak and that ushered in a period of political tension. and the latest demonstration, sec
and thursday. high clouds will roam in the forecast. here's sue. >> thank you. going to san mateo. we have an accident. car versus the center divide. there is slow traffic and once the tow truck gets on the scene. san francisco, showing you on the abc app. ninth and brennan, a tow truck and car with injuris and sounds like someone was ejected from the car. it sounds like a sad and bad scene at ninth and branon with an overturned in the streets of san francisco. metering lights on in the bay bridge and trafficking is backing up. >> thank you. new this morning, four people have been arrested in the deadly brazil night club fire that killed more than 230 people. police arrested the promoter of the event. a bank member and co-owners of the club in custody following the tragedy. it is believed that yro technics was responsible for the fire. the sealing covered with foam that spread the flames. >> the new strategy companies are using this year to make a super bowl commercials more successful than ever. >> jc pennies made headlines when it said >> we are back with a look at your wind. oakland 3 m
live in san mateo. you have heard of the raider nation? tonight you're going to meet members of the 9er empire. that story coming up. get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ of course, not all of it is re? >>> super bowl merchandise has started to hit the stores, streets and the net but not all of it's legal. but should you care? cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the real differences between genuine and counterfeit. >>> reporter: it's the closest many of us will come to colin kaepernick. >> i'll take that. >> reporter: many 9ers fans are shelling out big bucks for the official super bowl gear that hit stores this morning. >> i got championship nfc. >> picture of colin kaepernick. >> reporter: look around downtown these days and you'll also see piles of shirts for sale in the streets. shirts this vendor told us were licens
for the san mateo county coast line. heavier rain is being produced over the santa cruz mountains above 1,500 ft.. we're seeing a dusting of white snow. satellite and radar pictures show we still have some showers sitting off shore. it will start to taper off and the cover over the ocean as we head into lunchtime. cold air pushing and with this cold front and it looks like it will continue for the next several days. a freeze advisory and frost advisory goes into effect of the bay area on settle weather continues into the weekend. i'll talk about your we can't hide it or else we can see some snow coming up and my next report. >> highway 80 westbound not looking so good this morning. we have a house by castro that is working for an hour now. this is 580 west was right at the castro valley exit. the far right lane is called off, it is a car fire at happened after 5:00 this morning. as you work your way out of the blood headed towards castro valley keep this in mind. no word yet as to where the fire crews hope to have this completely clean up being cleared but it has been working for an hour
and the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 from hayward to san mateo under 15 minutes. kristen and katie? >> in the last hour work crews on the bay bridge ended a long night to continue the installation of 25,000 l.e.d. lights. amy will tell us, this is all for a new art project live from the embarcardero. amy? >> all in the name of art. they let us join them up there. look at the access we were given on this first overnight shift of the installlation. the plan is to have 25,000 l.e.d. lights grace the western span of the bridge. they will flicker, dim, brighten and have pretty patterns for two years. the artist says he is also assessing and creating while he installs. >> we are 40 percent of the way there in terms of installation and soon we will be able to turn on lights and seeing what they can do. it is something i can not jut create in the studio in new york and send the file down. i have to sit here, be with it, and tune it like a musical instrument. >> he thinks of this as his "studio." the project is privately funded. the website is still seeking donors for the $8 project. the ar
-- umbrella. >> right there on the coast, that is where the most active weather is right towards san mateo coast. it is going to be very cool, upper 40s and 50s. >>> good morning right now, traffic on 880 north and southbound. we are off to a nice start with not a lot of major problems to report. also looking at the san mateo bridge, that traffic is doing well. let's go back to the desk. >>> the caster valley man is facing charges in a drug case that is getting national attention this morning. he had a live alligator guarding his marijuana. here is more on this with this alligator named, mr. teeth. claudine? >> reporter: well, dave, no doubt, deputies here are used to dealing with a lot of strange and unusual things but a 5-foot alligator guarding a stash of marijuana that does not happen every day. this alligator is 5 feet long and his name is mr. teeth. he is kept in a flex i glass enclosure in the bedroom of a home and he is this morning being cared for at the oakland zoo. he is described as being very sick so the zoo is taking care of him right now. >> we found out he had the alligato
a live look outside at the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving fine and mike nicco has the full accweather forecast. could showers run? we will check with sue hall in the traffic center. >> crime scene tape surrounds las vegas after a disturbing 9-1-1 call that sent first >> welcome back at 6:10. our 24 temperature change, and there are evening exceptions, napa is five degrees cooler, but everyone else is the same if not warmer. that puts us frosty around fairfield at 31 and concord at 32 and everyone else in the upper 30's to low 40's. the next couple of days show showers possible tomorrow. cooler weather on thursday and friday. sue? >> good morning, mike. slow traffic north 101 in san jose beyond julian because of an accident on the shoulder. can you see speeds under 30 miles per hour. north 1121 at highway 116 in sonoma area an accident partly blocking the northbound lane of 121. seminary avenue at east 17th in oakland, ongoing police activity and investigation, asking you stay out of that area in the city of oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights on early a
good. and slowing from the central valley but it picks up through livermore and the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 from hayward to san mateo under 15 minutes. kristen and katie? >> in the last hour work crews on the bay bridge ended a long night to continue the installation of 25,000 l.e.d. lights. amy will tell us, this is all for a new art project live from the embarcardero. amy? >> all in the name of art. they let us join them up there. look at the access we were given on this first overnight shift of the installlation. the plan is to have 25,000 l.e.d. lights grace the western span of the bridge. they will flicker, dim, brighten and have pretty patterns for two years. the artist says he is also assessing and creating while he installs. >> we are 40 percent of the way there in terms of installation and soon we will be able to turn on lights and seeing what they can do. it is something i can not jut create in the studio in new york and send the file down. i have to sit here, be with it, and tune it like a musical instrument. >> he thinks of this as his "studio." the project is priv
by the bay and oakland. 37 and san mateo. this live look at san francisco clear skies and in arctic air mass. temperatures are going to drop, significantly. the belief that a freeze warning is in effect for the north bay, the south bay for 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. temperatures will be well below freezing for several hours. there are no freeze warnings for the bay area but still the bayside locations could get close to or right at freezing point. the purple showing 30's. and even 20's mid-20s by tomorrow morning. santa rosa, livermore, concord a couple of more cold nights. >> oakland police say three people were injured in a shooting this afternoon. two men and one woman were hurt in the incident. it happened on harmon avenue. no suspect description is available. >> meanwhile. oakland police tonight are searching for the suspects responsible for fridays string of murders. authorities say three young men and a teenage boy were murdered in the span of six hours. police believe there are several groups involved. at this point, investigators are not calling those groups gangs. police say the violence
gun-control and a gun buyback program brings hundreds. how much san mateo shelled out and the san francisco police are getting ready for the super bowl stay with us. take a look at this youtube video that was posted yesterday. it shows san francisco police aggressively detaining a man just outside the 24th street bart station and it has some wondering if the officers used excessive force. let's take a closer look. police say the man was fighting with another man prior to the recording. they say the man in the video walked away from officers when they told him to stop. >> use of force is never pretty but california law does allow a law enforcement officers to use whatever force is necessary to make an arrest. in this case you see the officers holding down the suspect until reenforcements arrive. >> that includes holding a suspect down on the pavement like you see in the video. police say it looks bad but the officers in the video arrested the suspect by the book. authorities understand the video can be disturbing to watch.but say that an officer can use force to detain a suspect. t
area from san francisco down the paw finishes law -- the peninsula, san mateo, redwood city, wet around belmont and 42nd avenue and foster city across the san mateo bridge. as we check out the east bay, lighter rainfall toward hayward, union city, fremont. in san jose we are seeing some rain at this hour. getting you down to street level. hills dale avenue and highway 101. san jose .01 and san francisco .13. getting toward mount saint helena and we received .59 of an inch of rain. as you head out the door, make sure you have your umbrella and raincoats and make sure you give yourself extra time. a detailed look at tomorrow and the weekend coming up. carolyn? >> we will see you shortly. >> secret meetings are being held about the chandra murder case. she was an inturn murdered -- she was an intern murdered a decade ago. it seems the conviction could be in jeopardy. ama dates sat down and she has their reaction to this mysterious meeting. >> federal prosecutors told robert and susan levey about the secret hearings, but they wouldn't say what they were about. the levey's understanding is t
treasure island the tunnel and the city. the san mateo bridge, same thing, no problems and breezy, but no wind advisory on the bridge and the hold lights are headed to hayward and tail lights to the high-rise and foster city and san mateo area. we have a power pole down in hayward and a power outage in the area so watch out for that intersection. road work, north 880, 66 to fruitvale until 5:00 this morning. >> he did exactly what everyone wanted paterno to do but he ended up in the same situation. >> new questions are raised over the firing of bay area high school coach. why his whistle blowing cost him his job. >> and a couple on site seeing tour of fork are fighting for their lives in the hudson river. now tech bytes. >> no more unlocking cell phones, modifying the known to use it on another wireless carrier is a copyright violation but carriers are more likely to those selling unlock phones than users. more and more are tracking health and using electronic devices, over a physician and there are 13,000 health and fitness acts available. reviews are of good for a role playing g
. from about the san mateo bridge south to the santa clara valley we will have moderate amount of particulate matter in the air. calm conditions about everywhere and a little bit of a wind or a breeze in napa at three miles per hour. that is stagnant air allowing the pollution to build. with the "spare the air" day and so chilly do not bun the wood. by noon, mid-50's and nicer at lunch. upper 50's headed through 4:00, and we will be in the mid-to-upper 40's at 7:00. hazy sunshine but no clouds today. low-to-mid 60's friday, saturday, a few high clouds on sunday and we will still be in the low-to-mid 60's. sue? >> good morning, everyone, on thursday. clear traffic conditions. like look at the golden gate bridge where you have the two lanes in the southbound direction and that will be configured to four lanes when the commute is underway with no road work and looking good after the waldo grade. the bay bridge toll plaza shows no metering lights and it is quiet and no problems on the upper deck making your way into san francisco. the drive from the central valley is at a good clip
details are starting to come in now. >> that's right. within just the last hour and a half the san mateo county sheriff's office confirmed with me that the victim is a 16-year-old girl. she's from south san francisco. fortunately she is in stable condition at the hospital right now. was shot last night in this relatively quiet milbrae neighborhood right across from the high school. let's get you to the video we have from the scene last night. this is at park boulevard and santater reece away. 911 calls came in around 10:30 last night. neighbors reported that shots had been fired. police were combing the area for more than an area searching for the shooter. authorities aren't tell us whether they have anyone in custody. initials reports are that the girl was shot in her abdomen and thigh. no confirmation from authorities on that. but again this morning the san mateo county sheriff's office is telling us a 16-year-old girl from south san francisco who was shot in milbrae is currently in stable condition. reporting live in milbrae, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> good to hear she's going to be
it is clear. no problems. nice at the limit. conditions on the san mateo bridge, same thing. and brake lights on the flat section on to the high-rise but it is 15 minutes between hayward and foster city. the central valley is looking good with no problems from address and 205 over the altamont pass into dublin/pleasanton and just about 20 minutes this. we have road work in lane southbound 880 coleman to north bascom in san jose which be picked up by 7:00. >> no amtrak delays expected because of the fire we are monitoring as breaking news unfolds in crockett. >> a bay area city votes whether to shut down a neighborhood 7/11 store. >> walnut creek, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, on abc7 morning news a look at the cold and frosty tuesday morning. when i say "frosty" i mean cold variety of frost. >> this is a look toward the bay bridge with no problems. there is a fire in crockett. we will have more on that coming up. >> more news this morning. animal control officials are looking for the person who shot a woman's cat with an arrow. the good news is th
for those in the heating repair industry. here's more. reporter: we're here in san mateo, supposed to get about 31 degrees, and it's a good time for people to get bummed up -- bundled up and make sure their heretos working properly scroorks the igniter is not functioning all the time. >> he runs the repair and says the kole snap has him busy. >> we're seeping six -- seeing six to 12 a day. six we can help out but 12 is impossible. >> he answered a call from a woman who has been desperate to get heat in the house for a while. >> oh, gosh, several weeks. we just tried to ignore it. and put in a little portable heater, but it can't work in conditions like that. i don't know how eskimos live but i can't do it. >> price expected her -- melvin says she's going to enjoy the new heat. >> sit in front of the furnace and let my shoes melt on the raid yayer to. >> price says calls like this are likely to come in all month long. >> january has been one of the worst months out of the years. >> all over the bay area, temperatureses have dropped into the 20s overnight. news riz are covering their most
for vallejo. san mateo at 58 degrees. >> shows warmer conditions for the next couple of days. will have more coming up in a bit. >> at the traffic desk no hot spots. no slowdowns. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is doing fine out of oakland into the city. >> san mateo bridge no problems to report. the drive 12 minutes from end to end. >> south bound 10 on the golden gate a lot of space between cars no delays coming out of the north bay. >> thank you erica. >> our top story this morninga woman has died after her car went off an onramp and into a pond in san jose. witnesses say the vehicle failed to make a turn on the ramp on almaden expressway and instead drove straight up a curb, through a fence and into the pond around 2:40 yesterday afternoon. authorities say the car then became submerged in the pond. bystanders and emergency responders tried to reach the driver, who was trapped inside the car. >> we had a dive team come out and underwater diving. they were able to get the victim out of the vehicle. she was found by the highway patrol. she was seat belts and to the vehicle. >>aut
. >> freezing in san mateo. >> temperatures will continue to drop as we push in closer to sunrise. the winter was an advisory and freeze warning and frost advisory are going to affect this morning and will expire at around 9:00 a.m.. frost could be forming on your wind shields'. the coldest temperatures are expected to be in the santa clara valley. a bundle up and dressed in layers. we will continue to see cold weather into the afternoon. future cast 4:08 a.m. the purple on your screen indicates widespread '30's. we will keep it in the '40's for the upper half of the peninsula san francisco and locations along the coast. as we set the clock a motion by lunchtime and mixing of '40's and '50's. as we push into your afternoon highs will see a few more fifties start to form. here's a look at your afternoon highs neighborhood by neighborhood. it will be clear and sunny cold out with low 50s all across the south bay pyrrhic milpitas at 51 the same for fremont. a degree cool in mountain view. to the east bay upper '40's again those are your highs for fairfield pittsburg, antioch 49 degrees and pplea
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